Bitcoin Air — Community Update 4 — XBA Secure Keyless Claim is Live!

Despite the harsh “crypto-winter” and some early bugs pushing back our timelines by a few weeks; We are pleased to announce that the secure claim link is now open!

For those of you who are new, Bitcoin Air (XBA) is a bilateral dual-chain Bitcoin/Peercoin revision airdropping to both Bitcoin (BTC) and Peercoin (PPC). We are producing a multi-currency stable coin platform that can allow for many of the current issues related to Stable Coins to be solved in a one-stop fashion.

XBA is a SHA-256 Hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain capable of deploying blockchain agnostic side-chains that can be isolated from the main chain, but easily interacted with (Thanks to PeerAssets being deployed in v0.7 of Peercoin’s Source Code).

If you held Bitcoin at block 551,200, you now own 1 XBA for every 1 BTC you held during the balance snapshot.

If you held Peercoin at block 403,400, you now own 1 XBA for every 20 PPC you held during the balance snapshot.

To claim your available XBA, simply navigate to our website ( and click the “Claim Your Bitcoin Air” button. You will then be redirected to the appropriate page to claim your holdings.

Click "Claim Your Bitcoin Air" to start the private keyless XAP claim process

Before continuing with the claim tutorial, we’d like to give a special thanks to our development team for all the hard work. We have one of the most dedicated development teams in the industry; they were even pushing updates on Christmas Day to ensure we made it to New Years release as soon as we possibly could.

A special thank you goes to our developer, William Kibbler.

Without a doubt their dedication to correcting any bugs with haste has allowed us to achieve every goal on our roadmap to this point. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Now back to our tutorial, here is a short video walk-through on how to claim your XBA after you have figured how to sign a message in your Bitcoin or Peercoin Wallets:

The above steps both go for Peercoin and Bitcoin Holders. You would simply sign the Secret Key using your wallet, and paste the appropriate signature where requested. The script will verify your balance and allow you to enter your personal XBA Address to claim your holdings (Wallets are available for Desktop Download and web use on: AirWire, Kalkulus HUB, and Magnum Wallet).

If you are having trouble with claiming your Bitcoin Air, please feel free to drop in to our Discord Server here ( or our Telegram Channel ( and someone will be available to assist you. If you are not a user of Discord or Telegram, you can forward an email to, and we will respond as quickly as possible!

As always, we appreciate your support and stay tuned for the release of our Q1 2019 Roadmap which will highlight many of the upcoming technical additions to our blockchain, and when they should be expected!

We wish you a Happy New Years and a prosperous 2019!
– The Bitcoin Air Team